Sunday, August 17, 2014

Keeping Your Box Braid Styles Fresh And Hip

We all love box braids but how many of us incorporate them into our day to day styles? The best part of waking up for me is doing my hair for one and then getting dressed with matching attire. Without tons of different ways of styling my hair I would simply be lost in this world!

Style for me is one of those things that you're born with and I developed a taste for it at a very young age. I would visit local salons and take joy in the fact that people would go in looking like a mess and come out fresh and hot. This is what first attracted me and still does even to this day.

box braid style

I just love the feeling of hair between my fingers and find myself working on box braids styles on a regular basis. I think it is because I like to look pretty as I am constantly doing it.

One day I came home from a hard day at school and wondered to myself of what I would be doing with my life. I think this way the moment when I selected the career I'm working on now. Ever since then I've had a new vigor for life and live every day like it's my last.

The best thing for me is to see the happy faces of people that have had braid work done. With the beads and all sorts of accessories hanging from them they can't help but enjoy the rest of the day. This really brings a smile to my face and reminds me that there is a lot of good going on that we sometimes forget about.

All in all I wouldn't change anything and have no regrets as to the path that I have chosen. It can help a lot to read as they are some of my favorite stylists. And remember that while work can sometimes be difficult, it is important to stay positive and remember that life goes on and things aren't as they seem.

Don't be afraid to be creative as there are plenty of hair ideas that can help you take your style to the next level.

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